December 2015

Second Look Series from Eagle Bay

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JT and his team specialize in transforming residential outdoor living spaces with decorative walls, landings and steps, fire pits, and columns. His most recent project involved creating a raised patio with a large landing and steps coming out of the house onto a space that included a seating wall, columns, and fire pit. Check out [...]

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January 2015

Our Work Featured on Cover of Eagle Bay Catalog

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We are so excited and honored to have our work featured on the cover of the latest Eagle Bay Catalog! Back in June 2014, JT was named  as a "Hardscape Hero” by Eagle Bay Hardscape Products. His award for “Hardscape Hero” came from a patio JT designed & built in Richmond, VA. The project is a patio, [...]

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September 2014

August 2014

JT Wins Hardscape Hero Award

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 J.T. Hale of Atlantis Patios & Outdoor Lighting was recently name a "Hardscape Hero" by Eagle Bay Hardscape Products. His winning project is a patio, measuring approximately 1100 square feet, featuring a double seating wall with a backrest, tall Bookend columns with a wood-burning fire pit. The seating wall and columns have lighting built into them as well [...]

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March 2013

Riverside Project

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Below you will find the before and after pictures of a 60 ft. wall we built at the Riverside Hospital. Decorative walls help to create an eye catching landscape design that is functional and beautiful. Some benefits of decorative walls include: Great potential for creative desgin They are extremely durable Require very little maintance Are [...]

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February 2013

Atlantis Patios & Outdoor Lighting is ICPI Certified

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Enhancing the look of your home takes more than just passion. It takes professionalism. That is why Atlantis Patios & Outdoor Lighting will take on your next home improvement project with skill and dedication by our experienced staff. John Hale, owner of Atlantis Patios & Outdoor Lighting, has completed the courses and passed the final [...]

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July 2012

Request a Consultation

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We offer a full range of outdoor living options. From full scale patio design and installation to retaining walls, benches, planters, walkways, driveways, paths, pool decks, firepits, outdoor fire places and even outdoor kitchens. Serious about getting started? Request a consultation online or call 757.870.6627

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Unwind & Enjoy

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Enjoy unwinding after a long day, in the privacy of your own backyard. Investing in your home automatically increases the overall value of the property, as well as improves the look of your home. However, outdoor living area does much more than add value and beauty. It can provide you, your family and friends with [...]

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June 2012

The Benefits of Outdoor Patios

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If you are thinking of putting some money into a home improvement project this year, you may want to consider adding a patio to your property. A patio allows you to transform your home into your own private outdoor retreat. There are many different benefits realized from a simple home improvement project of adding a [...]

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