Professional Outdoor Lighting

No outdoor space is complete without outdoor lighting to illuminate your beautiful landscaping, patio or outdoor hardscape living space. Outdoor lighting is quickly growing in popularity as homeowners want to make the most out of their outdoor living space. The most commonly requested outdoor lighting is for pathways or walkways to ensure the safety of visitors. Atlantis Patios & Outdoor Lighting is taking outdoor spaces to the next level with many options for outdoor lighting such as:

  • Highlight your homes best architectural features
  • Lighting trees and shrubbery to show off your well groomed landscape
  • Soft lighting for stairs or pathways
  • Warm lights around a patio or hardscape for extra ambiance

Most landscape lighting is low-voltage and less costly to install. Low-voltage lighting uses a transformer to step-down the 120 Volts of your house power to 12-V lighting units that compliment and accent your home’s best features.

outdoor living space design

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