JT and his team specialize in transforming residential outdoor living spaces with decorative walls, landings and steps, fire pits, and columns.

His most recent project involved creating a raised patio with a large landing and steps coming out of the house onto a space that included a seating wall, columns, and fire pit. Check out our Second Look Series on Eagle Bay Hardscape’s Facebook page!

Pt. 1/5

“I tend to focus on the project I’m working on, so the last thing on my mind was winning an award. But my dealer from Yorktown Materials kept telling me I had great work and that I should really submit to the Hardscape Hero contest, so I finally did.”


Pt. 2/5

“The homeowner and I took about a week to discuss design ideas and the budget. Once we figured out the budget and what was most important to him, I worked out a design that focused on the elements that he really cared about. Thankfully, the client gave me a lot of creative freedom which is the best kind of client you can ask for.”


Pt. 3/5

“The yard was a wreck beforehand. There were dilapidated bricks, half of a grill, an old concrete sidewalk and old azaleas that we had to remove. It took two days to excavate the area, lay the crushing rock and the foundation, and four days to install the pavers, wall and fire pit.”


Pt. 4/5

“The last thing you want on a beautiful sunny work day is to run out of product. We brought loads of extra materials to the site, so clean-up was the most difficult part. I couldn’t tell you how many tons of gravel, wood pallets and product we hauled back to the truck. It was a really nice neighborhood too, so I wanted to keep the noise level down and didn’t want too many trucks crowding the road.”


Pt. 5/5

“Winning the Hardscape Hero Contest has created more avenues for people to see my work. It even led to my work getting in the Eagle Bay catalog. I mean, getting in the catalog is great, but after I won the contest my project got on the cover of the catalog, and that’s been amazing for my business. I also just spent a ton of time redoing my website and the photography really came in handy for my homepage and work gallery.”

Thanks again for Eagle Bay Hardscape for featuring our project!